середа, 5 травня 2010 р.

Clarification from Tintas Robbialac S.A.

Robbialac would like to clarify that it was never our intention to offend the victims of Stalinism.
Therefore, in order to avoid any doubts about the issue, Robbialac decided to withdraw suppress the color designation “vermelho-Estaline” and “vermelho Rússia”, from the colour cards where they were mentioned. Robbialac operates in the Portuguese market for 79 years, and has always maintained a thorough respect for the consumers and employees.

From Blogger:

In fact, Catalogue tintagem 2008 was removed from the Tintas Robbialac, S.A. official site. We hope that in next few days all this issue will be solved and the name of Stalin will never be used again.

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