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Stop Robbialac Stalinism!

Recently, a Portuguese paint producing company, Robbialac, has created a new tone of Red, which was branded with name: “Vermelho Estaline” (Red Stalin).

This astonishingly strange decision was taken by its own management and creative departments and can be verified in company’s Web products catalog:
Personally, I have considered this decision as a cynic and sinister way to obtain commercial gains based on inhuman suffering, blood and tears of millions de citizens of Central and East Europe, Central Asia and Caucasus, caused by one of the worst tyrants of modern history.

Also, I have a profound doubt, that Robbialac management has no information about horrors of Ukrainian Holodomor, massacre of Polish officers and civilians in Katyn or about system of Soviet concentration camps, generically known as a GULAG.
Based in all this data, I personally assume responsibility and duty in not buying any Robbialac products, till the company takes of the market this genocidal paint and will publically ask for apology, to millions of victims of Stalinist tyranny in Europe or in any place in the World.

If you agree with my position, please, contact Robbialac management to show the company your own civic position: e-mail: robbialac@robbialac.pt; Telephone in Portugal: + 351 21 994 77 00; Fax in Portugal: + 351 21 994 77 94; Green Line in Portugal: + 351 800 200 725.

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  1. Robbialac would like to clarify that it was never our intention to offend the victims of Stalinism.
    Therefore, in order to avoid any doubts about the issue, Robbialac decided to withdraw suppress the color designation “vermelho-Estaline” and “vermelho Rússia”, from the colour cards where they were mentioned.
    Robbialac operates in the Portuguese market for 79 years, and has always maintained a thorough respect for the consumers and employees.


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